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Celebrate  LARSO turning 25, with FREE Lunch for members with current paperwork, January 27th.

   The Los Alamos      Retired and Senior Organization

The Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization operates two senior centers, in Los Alamos County. They can be reached at 662-8920, in Los Alamos and 672-2034, in White Rock.  

While the centers are geared to those 50 and over, many community events are hosted, at our facilities. A membership for those 50-59, only costs $20 per year! Those 60 and over can receive a FREE membership, at any time.


Our Day Out program is open, if you have a senior that needs to socialize or you are a caregiver that needs a break. Call Lily at 505-661-0081.

Los Alamos receives funds from the State of New Mexico, Los Alamos County, donations and grants. We are a registered non profit (501-c-3). The non-profit operates under the direction of a nine member, Board of Directors.

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